6 Steps to Finding the Perfect Wedding Photographer

The choice of a wedding photographer is the most important decision you can make while planning your wedding. Your wedding pictures will last for years and be the only record of your special day. Here are a few tips for selecting the best photographer for you.

1. RESEARCH – Research the profession of Wedding Photography, photography styles, trends, editing styles and equipment. You should always become familiar with any service that you will Invest in. Take a look at the professional photographer organizations.

2. IDENTIFY YOUR STYLE. There are several styles of photography. Identify yourself with those styles and choose which one would fit you better. if you are having a more artsy or creative wedding, you may want to choose a photographer that is more artsy or creative. After you have identified a style, I would suggest doing a Google or Yahoo search. For example, if your style is Vintage then you would want to type “Dallas vintage wedding photographer”.
For artsy style – search “Dallas artistic wedding photographer”

3. NARROW YOUR SEARCH – Once you have identified 5 – 10 top choices. Take about 10 minutes to really review their site and blog. Read the About Us section to see how they value themselves. I really think a lot of brides miss this section. For those that plan to spend a lot of money on the details and small things, you would want to make sure your photographer is good at capturing the details. You should see detail shots on their site and this should be mentioned in their About Us section.

4. REVIEWS… REVIEWS. Next search for reviews. Try Yelp or Wedding Wire. We all know that Bridezillas exist so take that in mind when reading reviews. Unfortunately people usually leave reviews when they are unhappy with a service.

5. PHOTOGRAPHER INTERVIEW. When you meet with a photographer make sure you see images or an album from a complete wedding. Anyone will have a few great photos. You want to make sure you are happy with the complete process. Make sure you understand pricing and that there are no hidden fees. Don’t forget the following,
a. Look at printed samples.
b. Ask about backups or second photographers.
c. Communicate your expectations.

6. REVIEW AGAIN. Before booking, ask your planner, venue or other vendors if they have worked with the professional you like. The wedding community is pretty small and vendors usually know which ones are good and which are not.