Two Important Factors of Father of the Bride Wedding Day Speeches

Father of the bride wedding day speeches are as important as the other wedding speeches. This speech primarily covers thankfulness and acceptance of the groom. This speech should be emotional and moving. This speech has more serious notes than other wedding day speeches.

Show That You Are Thankful

It is important to thank the guests for attending the wedding. Much like all the family members of the bride and groom, the guests also put in a lot of time, effort, and in some case, money to be there. That is why it is important to show gratitude to all those who are attending, and in turn they will be grateful to be appreciated. After thanking all the guests, it is important to thank the bride and groom for allowing you the opportunity to speak and to be part of their most important day. You may also want to include some more thank you notes to those who could not be there. Similarly, you can thank your daughter for being great and for being the best daughter. You can also thank the groom for becoming an important part of your daughter’s life. It is important to acknowledge the bride and groom as respectful adults and not as your children because they too are about to start a family.

The Acceptance of the Groom

You should talk a bit about the groom, and add that he is now your family member. You can say that you are very happy because you trust that the groom will take good care of your daughter. These small gestures make a long lasting healthy relation between the groom and the father of the bride. Father of the bride wedding day speeches are an age old tradition, and are excellent to break ice in a friendly way.

Knowing what to say is very important in your father of the bride wedding day speeches because these speeches, or speech, will be remembered by your daughter for her entire life. At your daughter’s wedding, you accept a new member to your family. It is very important that this new relation begins with the right note. Your speech should be heartfelt and not be offensive towards the groom or anyone in his family. A little slip on your part can cause in lifetime bitterness, so it is advisable to spend some time preparing your speech, and making it the best.

After the thank you notes, and groom’s acceptance, you can add emotional quotes in your speech. You can narrate some pleasant incidents from your life that include your daughter. This will make the environment very emotional. Make sure that you set the right environment for the perfect wedding- a wedding that will be remembered for years to come.

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Getting the Word Out About Your Wedding

It seems there’s a new trend when it comes to getting the word out about your wedding. Some couples have taken to creating videos and putting them up either on sites like YouTube or on their own wedding sites and blogs. Most don’t go to the extreme that this couple did, but they’re not straying far from making videos that are memorable.

Most people have done things the traditional way, that being to make up a list, and then send out invitations only to those people who are actually being invited to the wedding. Even in today’s multimedia world, that’s probably still the best way to go if you want to make sure that no one who ends up not being invited will feel left out. Well, they’ll probably still feel left out, but it’s less of a blow when it’s not thrown in their face like it would be with a video.

Still, there’s something to be said for being able to use some of today’s technology for invitations. Creating a wedding page where you can not only put your general invitations but also keep everyone up to date on what’s going on isn’t such a bad idea. For those folks who you want to make sure knows to go to the webpage you can always send them email to keep them in the loop. Having a website also allows you to put things up such as where you’re registered, directions on how to get everywhere, and anything special you’d like to set up, such as maybe a themed wedding. And of course blogging about the experience not only helps you chronicle everything that happened for later on, but someone might see something you write and offer ideas if you’re worrying about something.

If websites are pretty good ideas, what about texting? I’m sure texting would work, but it could also be cumbersome. If you’re only inviting your closest friends to your wedding that might not be the worst idea in the world, but if you’re going to be inviting more than 100 that’s probably the worst way to go at it.

Deciding to go electronic could end up saving you a lot of money. However, it’s probably still not the most convenient way to go, or even the most efficient. For instance, your grandparents probably aren’t going to be as internet savvy, so you’ll have to go a more traditional route in making sure they know. That could pertain to other relatives as well. If you don’t know everyone’s email address, you’re going to have to rely on a lot of other people for information, or start pounding the phone books or picking up the phone to find those email addresses. If you have to do that anyway, you might as well just go ahead and send them regular invitations.

Bride Wedding Speeches: The Coolest Thing

Some people may ask why there are people who look forward to hear the bride speech wedding during the special day. What’s the coolest thing about this kind of speech? How is it different from other speeches that you might hear during a wedding? This text will show you the main difference that the bride’s wedding speech has over all of the other speeches during the occasion.

The Point of It All

The point of a bride speech wedding is that it can serve as an opportunity for the bride to show her love towards the groom. Without the bride speech wedding, you will not be able to see how happy the bride is through her words.

It can also be a great opportunity for her to thank everyone who played a significant role in her life in one way or another. One of the important things about this speech is that you will get to hear the romantic story behind the bride and groom, such as how they met and what their hopes and dreams are for the future?

The bride speech wedding is also a chance for the bride to give her messages to the people who are important to her. She can tell her parents how lucky she is to have them in her life as well as her siblings.

As the bride, she can also reassure her parents that she won’t leave them behind, and she would still be present in their lives no matter what happens. Aside from that, this speech is a symbol of the bride’s undying love for the groom. That is why; the bride speech should be very cool because it can invoke a lot of feelings not only from the bride but also for the people who are there to hear it.

And that is why as a listener, you should be able to use these bride speeches as an example if you want to make your own wedding speech in the future. Listening to other people speech and the stories about their love will be a great practice for you if you have to deliver your own speech at your own future wedding.

The Importance

The thing, which is important while making your own wedding speech, is that you should be able to state your message for the people as coherently as possible without beating around the bush. You should be able to say what you want to say without using too many words.

By doing this, you would be the center of attraction because of your eloquence and sincerity while delivering your speech. What you’re saying will lose its meaning if you don’t have truthfulness in your words.

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2012 Top Celebrity Wedding Trends

Wow, 2012 brought us a LOT of celebrity weddings to admire and to give us lots of great ideas for 2013. From simple “down home” style weddings, to lavish destination galas, those in the limelight left us with lots to talk about.

It’s easy to see how celebrity weddings set the trends for the following year. Even those who successfully pull off a private affair end up having a shot or two of the “I do’s” on a tabloid or blog at some point. Naturally the rest of us notice a great idea or two, and a new trend is born!

Here are some of the best trends seen in 2012.

Dessert Assortments

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds tied the knot in September of 2012. Guests enjoyed a dessert buffet that included not only their four tiered vanilla and sour cream cake filled with peach and apricot but were also treated to s’mores bars, fruit jellies, espresso beans and mini tarts in assorted flavors.

Clueless co-star Elisa Donovan and her new hubby Charlie Bigelow also treated their nearest and dearest to an assortment that included French macaroons, mini cupcakes, and warm cookies and milk.

Natalie Portman and Benjamin Millepied also put out a spread that included French macaroons.

The Food Network’s own Robert Irvine didn’t let down his guests at his wedding to Gail Kim in May of this year. He hired a pastry chef to treat everyone to an assortment of wedding cupcakes that included red velvet, lemon poppy seed and chocolate chip.

Simple and Natural

Many of this year’s celebrities stayed away from ultra-fancy dinner faire. Ann Hathaway and Adam Shulman celebrated their nuptials in September. They served all locally grown vegetables and organic meats to their guests. Their decor included naturally elegant branches and rustic-looking accents.

Megan Gillis and Robin Barker also served an organic dinner buffet for their July wedding guests.

Barbeque and s’mores were enjoyed in June at the wedding of Eric Christian Olsen and his new bride, Sarah Write.

Even choices in wedding attire showed us some natural and simple choices. Wynonna Judd spent her wedding day barefoot under her lovely wedding gown.

Elisa Donovan also used nature’s own decor by using moss branches and votives in glass bowls as centerpieces.

Natalie Portman said her vows beneath a rustic Jewish chuppah made of twigs.

Vintage Lace, Pinks and Gold Tones

Everything old is new again! Vintage lace and antique-inspired rose pink and gold tones made it big this year. Blake Lively was adorned with gold rose embroidery on her gown and soft pink hydrangeas in her bouquet. Jack Osbourne’s lovely bride Lisa Stelly had her bridesmaids decked out in pink maxi dresses.

Matthew McConoughey’s bride, Camila Alves wore a long-sleeved vintage gown as did Natalie Portman, Drew Barrymore and Josh Lucas’s bride Jessica Ciencin Henriquez also sported the overlay look.

It’s good to know calla lilies are still in style, as Elisa Donovan accented her vintage floral bouquet with them as well as ivory roses and lilacs.

Musician Annie Lennox looked lovely in her 1920’s headpiece as did Anne Hathaway. Annie also included pink in her bouquet as did Drew Barrymore.

The Office’s Ellie Kemper donned vintage style jewelry with her ensemble to Michael Koman for their July wedding.

Justin Timberlake’s bride Jessica Biel was stunning in her haute couture gown by Giambattista Valli, in petal pink of course!

And Jumping the Broom star Meagan Good said her own “I do’s” for real on June 16th. Her and her groom, DeVon Franline opted for an antique bayou look wedding with pink and gold tones.

Family Roles

This year, many celebrities incorporated their family members into their wedding in some interesting ways. Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves had their own children as their ring bearer and flower girl. Elisa Donovan’s brother walked her down the aisle. Black Keys drummer, Patrick Carney walked down the aisle to his bride Emily Ward with the accompaniment of their dog, Charlotte. And Eric Christian Olsen’s father performed the ceremony for his wedding to Sarah Write in June.

The Singing Groom

You would expect no less from Justin Timberlake who serenaded his new bride with a guitar solo he wrote just for the special day. And Megan Gillis and Robin Barker’s guests enjoyed a music concert that featured a performance by the groom.

Should You Hire a Wedding Planner For Your Wedding?

Weddings are a special time in any girl’s life. So why fret over all the details? Hiring a wedding planner can help you focus on the things you want to focus on. Here’s some tips on how to know if hiring one is right for you.

1) Can you afford it?

Not everyone has the budget for a wedding planner, and that’s ok. If you don’t have the budget for one, you can ask a friend of family member to fill the role. However, it is important to keep in mind that hiring a planner can actually save you money by getting deals and haggling prices with some of your other vendors.

2) Do you need the help?

Not everybody needs to hire someone to help them. If you’re in a place where you’ve got the time and the mental stamina to put together the whole wedding yourself then go for it. Whether you have the time to do it all or not, a wedding planner can be a huge help even if only to coordinate the BIG day itself.

3) Do you know where to start?

Ok, so this is your first time and you don’t know where to start, all you know is you want a wedding planner. That’s ok, you can use a wedding blog to help you get more information. Additionally, you might want to scan a wedding vendor directory to find planners in your area.

Wedding Party Gift Ideas For Your Ceremony

As you prepare your big day – a wedding, it is getting bigger and bigger as the time nears. But don’t worry too much as the more you think of and get ready, the less it will be towards the big day. Among many things to consider, wedding party gifts are another area that you will need to consider and put some time on selecting the best fit out of many choices. Mostly bride and groom will choose jewelry and its accessories as a gift. But it all depends on the budgets, favorites and other factors of bride and groom. If you really want to express your appreciation to the guests, there are high end gifts that are available on the market. For those who are on the tight budget, there still are many choices of selections that are not very expensive but impressive.

At the end, it all becomes matters of finding right items that matches your theme and suit your needs, regardless of cost or other people’s favorite. You just need to have enough time and chances to look around, research, ask your friends and family members’ party gift ideas that they have used on their party time, and consider their choices and best select your own options for your big day. Showing an appreciation on your party day is one important thing to consider, but there are always need for balancing your time and budget on other things. Make sure you set aside budget consideration for the guest, as they truly deserve a good and warm accommodation from you on that day.

If you would like to do a research, there are many sources that are available on either online of offline as a magazine type. Take your time to stop by local book store for colorful wedding magazine and find out what the current trends are. On the online side, you can simply compare who is providing the most competitive price on what you were looking for. Nowadays there are many manufacturer who own their website where they provide free shipping deal, which is a pretty good cost saving options for you. On the other hands, you can always go into details of good and bad about a specific items due to many other online shoppers’ opinion expressed in their blog or forum. Try to choose something personal and special to you and the guest that will last the memory longer.

6 Steps to Finding the Perfect Wedding Photographer

The choice of a wedding photographer is the most important decision you can make while planning your wedding. Your wedding pictures will last for years and be the only record of your special day. Here are a few tips for selecting the best photographer for you.

1. RESEARCH – Research the profession of Wedding Photography, photography styles, trends, editing styles and equipment. You should always become familiar with any service that you will Invest in. Take a look at the professional photographer organizations.

2. IDENTIFY YOUR STYLE. There are several styles of photography. Identify yourself with those styles and choose which one would fit you better. if you are having a more artsy or creative wedding, you may want to choose a photographer that is more artsy or creative. After you have identified a style, I would suggest doing a Google or Yahoo search. For example, if your style is Vintage then you would want to type “Dallas vintage wedding photographer”.
For artsy style – search “Dallas artistic wedding photographer”

3. NARROW YOUR SEARCH – Once you have identified 5 – 10 top choices. Take about 10 minutes to really review their site and blog. Read the About Us section to see how they value themselves. I really think a lot of brides miss this section. For those that plan to spend a lot of money on the details and small things, you would want to make sure your photographer is good at capturing the details. You should see detail shots on their site and this should be mentioned in their About Us section.

4. REVIEWS… REVIEWS. Next search for reviews. Try Yelp or Wedding Wire. We all know that Bridezillas exist so take that in mind when reading reviews. Unfortunately people usually leave reviews when they are unhappy with a service.

5. PHOTOGRAPHER INTERVIEW. When you meet with a photographer make sure you see images or an album from a complete wedding. Anyone will have a few great photos. You want to make sure you are happy with the complete process. Make sure you understand pricing and that there are no hidden fees. Don’t forget the following,
a. Look at printed samples.
b. Ask about backups or second photographers.
c. Communicate your expectations.

6. REVIEW AGAIN. Before booking, ask your planner, venue or other vendors if they have worked with the professional you like. The wedding community is pretty small and vendors usually know which ones are good and which are not.

Wedding Decorating Ideas Using White Wedding Decor

As a wedding event planner, it is always fun to unexpectedly come across a wedding or special event being set up. Recently, I was traveling in Spain and our hotel had one of the most beautiful outdoor wedding locations I had ever seen. I saw that they were hosting this wedding using white wedding decor which of course sparked the idea for this blog that describes various wedding decorating ideas.

First let’s discuss outdoor wedding locations and why this site in particular stood out as one of the prettiest I have ever seen. Situated on the Mediterranean, the St. Regis Resort has a stunning view of the ocean from their large lawn where the wedding was held. They also have a path with bougainvillea archways that is beautiful for bride and groom pictures.

Other wonderful hotel features in respect to fabulous outdoor wedding locations is the grand patio where cocktails were held. This terrace is located just off of the main bar of the hotel and is beautifully furnished with outdoor furniture. Therefore, you can save some money and not bring in any of your own furniture.

Finally, as a wedding event planner, I felt completely at ease speaking with the catering department as they were setting up the event, and I got the sense that the hotel is very accommodating and understands the task at hand in making the wedding day special for the bride and groom. In addition, the food and service I experienced at the hotel were among the best I have had at any hotel.

Now for some wedding decorating ideas I picked up while watching the hotel set up the white wedding decor for this wedding.

* Use smaller tents and put them together creating individual spaces or rooms versus one large tent. Plus the bonus of using smaller tents is that you can leave off one corner and create an outside lounge or dancing area.

* Keep costs down with your lounge by using just votive candles on the coffee tables or simple white Cymbidium orchids in votive glasses.

As a wedding event planner, I really liked the idea that they used sand as filler for the flower vase instead of colored glass or rocks. This is a great white wedding decor idea incorporating the location with the wedding.

Other wedding decorating ideas include:

* Use different types of flowers and vases on the tables for an eclectic look and a contrasting color such as black for an accent color.

* Cover the chairs with white chair covers to give a clean and uniform style to the event.

* Bring in some fun decor pieces like these 2′ diameter-sized large round candle holders and intersperse them around the reception area.

I hope you found these wedding decorating ideas interesting and can possibly incorporate them with your white wedding decor. As I mentioned above, the hotel in Mardavall was spectacular and I would consider one of the prettiest outdoor wedding locations I have seen. Until next time, remember the Budget Bash mantra: make it simple, delicious, stylish, fun & economical to all!

Norwich – “A Fine City” for a Wedding!

It used to be said that Norwich had a pub for every day of the year and a church for every week. In 21st Century Norwich, you certainly won’t struggle to find somewhere to enjoy a pint, or, two, nor, a church to be married in; Norwich has more than 30 medieval churches within the old city walls alone as well as being home to two cathedrals. In the heart of the city stands a magnificent medieval cathedral boasting the second tallest spire (at 96m, or, 315ft) as well as the largest surviving cloister in England. On the outer edges of the city centre, at one of the highest points in Norwich, stands the second largest Catholic cathedral in the United Kingdom.

If you fancy being wed somewhere a little different, other notable buildings in Norwich include the grade I listed Dragon Hall. Once a medieval trading hall, it is the only known surviving building of its type in Western Europe. The centrepiece of this building is an impressive 27 metre long Great Hall. Built as a showroom to display it’s owners wares, the hall originally had several beautifully carved and painted dragons along its length, only one such carving remains today, from which the building takes its name.

If you want to host your wedding in something a little more modern, the Assembly House in the city centre is a resplendent example of Georgian assembly rooms with a fascinating history. The house as it stands today was designed by the architect Thomas Ivory (1709-1779); used as a ‘House of Assemblies’ for the Norwich gentry, it has been used to host a wealth of events and famous people – so why not join the club?

Situated on the River Wensum, Norwich boasts 150 green spaces within the city itself, including 23 parks, 59 natural areas and nature reserves and 10 kilometres of riverside walks, all of which can work beautifully in your wedding photography. Just a little further afield, Norwich is surrounded by the beautiful Norfolk countryside and Norfolk Broads, home to a fine selection of old manor houses, hotels and churches.

Many Brides-to-Be Think Wedding Planners Are Miracle Workers

Why do brides think wedding planners are miracle workers? Well, I am here to tell you that they are not and what they really are for. I have noticed lately that many brides to be think that they are entitled to discounts from every wedding professional. They think wedding planners can work miracles for them. Wedding planners are a wonderful asset and should be looked at as someone that will guide you and help you to find the wedding professionals that will work with your budget and provide quality service. If their isn’t a wedding vendor that will work with your current budget then you may have to wait until you are able to increase your budget or make some other sacrifices like not having wedding favors, no wedding transportation, etc.

It is very important that you set a realistic budget and have money already saved before you begin the wedding planning process. You need at minimum of $5,000 to begin the planning of your wedding (base on a $15,000 budget or higher). Every wedding vendor is going to require a deposit to hold your wedding date and if you wait until the last minute to make your deposits, you will find yourself stressed out about not having the wedding professionals you really want for your wedding.

What I have been noticing thus far this year, is that many brides-to-be are planning their wedding 15 to 24 months in advance so they can have the wedding that they want without the financial stress. This is a good strategy but you must be dedicated to making all of your wedding vendor payments on time and stick to the budget that was created for the wedding.